Sealing Strips are one of the worlds widest used elastomer products.

In their simplest form they are used as a quick, cost effective way of effecting a seal, whether it be as a simple draught excluder or as an integrated EMC/IP Seal on a communications base station. Their use is infinite, dust seals, draught excluders, sound insulators, cushion pads, resilient mounts, water proof door seals, the list is endless.

We are pleased to offer a wide range of range of materials with or with out Self Adhesive Backing to cover most applications including all our normal Sponges, Foams and Solid Rubbers, as highlighted in the compound sections.

As well as standard rectangular strip we can also offer a range of profiled extruded sealing strips in solid, sponge and foam. These profiled sealing strips may have hollow centres or castellations which can help to achieve the best seal for the application.

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