Sponges, Foams and Cellular Materials

The materials listed below are a selection of Compounds and Grades that we can supply in various forms including, Sheet, Moulded, Extruded and O Ring.

If you open each material it will explain its basic properties and characteristics as well as show you a table of the more common grades available. This information is for your general guidance only. We recommend that you contact our technical sales team to discuss any specific or potential application.

Full technical Data sheets are available for all materials and grades listed and will be forwarded on request.

PDF Fact sheet for each compound:

401 Silicone Sponge (Closed Cell)
402 Silicone Foam (Semi Closed Cell)
403 Silicone Foam (Open Cell)
404 Neoprene (Chloroprene)
405 Neoprene/EPDM/SBR Blend
406 EPDM (Closed Cell)
407 EPDM (Semi Closed Cell)
408 EPDM/PE/SBR Blend
409 Nitrile
410 Nitrile/PVC Blend
411 Nitrile/PVC/Neo Blend
412 PVC
413 SBR
414 Natural/SBR Blend
415 Epichlorohydrin
416 Hypalon
417 EVA/PE
418 Polyester (Filtration Foam)